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Should I clip my bird’s wings?

Many people clip their bird’s wings to make sure they don’t escape plus it makes taming them much easier. Trimming or clipping the wings can save a lot of birds from flying into windows, mirrors, toilets, frying pans and especially cactus…


What do parrots eat?

For years it was popular to feed parrots seed, which of course they love. However, a strict seed diet while it is high in fat is very low in calcium, protein and vitamin A. this can eventually result in health problems such as liver disease…


Household items that can be dangerous for parrots

A birds lungs have several air sacs, which are very sensitive to fumes such as plug in air fresheners, aerosols, overheated Teflon coat cookware, fingernail polish remover and cigarettes. Basically anything that has an odor is potentially fatal…


What kind of bird should I get?

One of the most popular birds in America, are cockatiels. These small parrots are perfect for beginner bird lovers, people with kids and people that live in small apartments.
Parakeets also known as budgies are great too. However, they don’t…


Pet Parrots-Parrot Care

When deciding to purchase pet parrots many people tend to forget about the subject of parrot care. Well, maybe they don’t forget about parrot care, but the reality of how much care a parrot needs is not generally on the top of their list.

african grey

Pet Parrots: My Funny African Gray Parrot

Pet Parrots can be so comical and sometimes they can definitely surprise you.This is especially true with Talking Parrots. I want to tell you a little story about my funny African Gray Parrot named “Groucho”.
This particular story about…


Pet Parrots: Why Small Parrots May be the Best

Have you been considering buying pet parrots lately? It is so easy to get excited about them when you see the sign “Pet Parrots for Sale“. I know, I’ve gone through it many a time. Believe me I can emphasize when people tell me about…


Pet Parrots – Knowledge is Power

Pet Parrots are such lovely creatures and it is so easy to fall in love at first sight. Be very careful to find out all that you can about your prospective purchase before you actually buy. Without this knowledge behind you, purchasing your…


Pet Parrots – How Much Is That Birdie in the Window?

If you are like most animal lovers, it is hard to pass a pet store without going inside and seeing all of the cute little pets that are being offered for sale. Pet Parrots are especially fun to watch as they climb up their cage rungs and…


Pet Parrots: Large Parrots & Small Parrots

Large Parrots and small parrots, we love them all! Pet Parrots are just so adorable and loving, if you know how to take care of them properly. Parrot Care is an important issue and we will deal with this a lot here.
Pet parrots definitely come…